Apr 3, 2017

fren·e·my [fren-uh-mee]

You know some people you just have to get away from.

You either know what I’m talking about or don’t but sometimes there are friendships where you catch yourself wondering whether in fact the person is really your friend - dictionary dotcom does a good job with it because I believe that’s where the following term comes from:
fren·e·my [fren-uh-mee]
noun Informal.
a person or group that is friendly toward another because the relationship brings benefits, but harbors feelings of resentment or rivalry: Clearly, turning the competition into frenemies is good for your business.
I don’t believe in the whole concept of frenemies. Life is too short to waste your time on things like that. Besides, I look to friends for support and I want to support my friends as well. I want to revel in friend’s successes and soften the blow of any failure they may encounter. Maybe that’s my own naivete – it just seems so counterproductive to waste your time being jealous or rooting for someone to fail and then walking around acting like you’re their pal.

But not everyone feels that way and there are some people who it seems want to surround themselves by others who they can root against because it’s the only way they can feel good about themselves, when the people around them fail they can feel superior.

I find that just weird.

Anyway, the other day I got together with someone who I hadn’t seen in a long time. The person in question is an inspiration to me because he is so caring, so giving and so nice. A...

I don’t know who I was talking about when I was writing this which means more than likely I’ve excised this person...
Anyway, so I tried to finish this once and now we’re at a second go round on it.

You know, the sentiment is still there and I do know I’ve had a few of these vampiric leeches around me over the course of my life but I have managed with age to winnow out the pack for the most part.

I realized awhile ago people can break out into groups and there are people who just have a crappy attitude towards the world.

I realized a little while ago, someone close to me... I couldn’t ever remember him complaining about things in life. That isn’t to say he didn’t have his problems and there weren’t people he wasn’t crazy about but he didn’t really complain much about things.

It was noticeable enough that one day I bought it up to him and he plainly responded he didn’t see much of a point in complaining.

Complaining doesn’t do much good overall as far as one’s personal issues go.

But we’re getting off track here a little bit, I’ve found myself to be very particular about people as more time goes on. I’m also less inclined to IMPOSE myself on others. I mean that, I don’t want to be someone’s Frenemy and I WANT BE THERE WHEN THEY’RE CELEBRATING THEIR TRIUMPHS!

I want to be around people and lift them up not bring them down. That’s work but I want people to do the same for me as well.

I’ve had freenemies though, they’re the folks who’ll constantly pick at your scabs. They’ll bring up everything they know bothers you and make sure you manage to get worked up about it or at least they’ll try to get you worked up because that’ll help them feel better about themselves.

I think work can be a good breeding ground for the whole frenemy thing which can be sad because so much of people’s time these days is spent being preoccupied over work.

So, be on the lookout!

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